Initiated into the world of arts at a young age, Pali Chandra was raised under the tutelage of maestros like Guru Vikram Singh, Pandit Ram Mohan Maharaj and Mrs. Kapila Raj. She represents the Lucknow Gharana, a prominent Kathak school.

As a performer and choreographer, her spectacular shows have enthralled audiences across the world. Her brilliance in both classical and contemporary genres has earned her several laurels, including the Lachhu Maharaj Award for exceptional mastery of abhinaya (the art of expression).

Pali’s evolution as a Guru was quite natural, considering her performance skills and deep knowledge in the art form that takes roots in the ancient Bhakti and Sufi Movement. An amazing teacher who pays attention to even subtle nuances, Pali Chandra has mentored hundreds of young dancers.

Her unique style of coaching lays emphasis on tailored modules based on the capacity and skills of students. Over the years, she has crafted this art and helped several students globally to perform on prestigious platforms across the world.

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