For her students, Pali Chandra is not just a teacher but a guru who initiates them to the divine realm of Kathak. She started training students in 1993 in London and has nurtured several exceptional talents to the art world in a career spanning over 23 years.

The lovable master who preaches “safe dancing techniques” is both approachable and inspiring to her mentees.

An accomplished ambassador of the art form, Pali Chandra has trained numerous students at several reputed institutions including the Harrow Arts Centre in UK.

She offers regular coaching at Gurukul Dubai and Gurukul Switzerland. Her tutelage under Kathak maestros and her exceptional contributions as a teacher make Pali Chandra a precious gem on a revered 'guru shishya parampara’.

She has the rare accomplishment of training the maximum number of students in the Kathak syllabus of Imperial Society for Teachers of Dancing, UK.

Today, several of her former students run their own dance companies and education centres.

Of late, Chandra has started online classes through and Skype sessions through Gurukul Switzerland. Both the ventures were well received as they broke geographical barriers for students to satisfy their artistic pursuit.

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